About Credo's Pizza & Ribs and reviews




It's been a long time since I've been here 2017! It hasn't changed one bit still looks the same inside and perhaps a few changes inside.. The pizza pies are still good and service is as well. The menu isn't busy so if you come here it's simple which is great because  they do offer ribs, pizzas , sandwiches, calzones and more. With all that in play I'd have to say the menu is easy to order from with such variety offered. Be sure to look as you come inside the door there is always a sign with some delicious specials.The prices are pretty reasonable for the amount of food and quality. Inside is very clean as well as the restroom which the doors feature Ken lol and Barbie hahaha pretty awesome! There are 3 large TVs inside mounted in different locations. I'd say this is a good place to come to perhaps catch a good whilst enjoying some pizza pie. Lastly they do have beer and wine as well as soft drinks etc. I noticed an ice cream counter as well but not sure if there was ice cream in it. I enjoyed my visit here today and hopefully will make it back before moving.


Amy R.

Sadly Disappointed bc this establishment is one I frequented on Sundays but after ordering a pizza that wasn't sliced/ to the next order I made and they did not put any sauce on the wings we ordered last order...and now the new employees are rude and have no clue what they are doing.Advertised Deal is .99 : 2 topping pizza with 10 wingssubtotal: and some change then they added the delivery charge and taxes. I asked the person on the phone why the sub total was almost 4 dollars more and she said she couldn't give me an explanation so I asked for a manager and the girl  (she was also not a manager) who answered the phone told me it is because they charge for the toppings.  How do you offer a 19.99  (2 topping) pizza but then added on additional charges for toppings? She could not explain to me why she was charging additional. Now I have to wait for a manager to call back...  Let's see how this goes.


James R.

Do NOT order from this place. I've ordered here three times, all three times the order was wrong. The pizza was cold, and not good at all. I'm not somebody who complains, but this place is not good unfortunately.


Veronica F.

Wow, wow, WOW! I loved each slice I ate. The cheese was delicious and wasn't overpowering. I was lucky enough to use my Yelp discount and also my coupon book discount card.


Barb C.

I normally order this pizza and was very disappointed to get a cold to the touch pizza. I called and the employee argued on the phone with me about it and clearly did not take the responsibility that this pizza across the street should NOT be cold. The time before that our pizza ordered was all slid up in the box but at least was warm enough than what it was now. I am not one to complain about places but after the last couple experiences I will not recommend or order from them again. Very disappointing and unprofessional to argue with a customer when clearly it's impossible to have a pizza delivered cold to the touch when delivery is less than 3 miles away. WOW!


Shawn H.

Have you ever been hungry, wanting to order some fresh hot food for delivery, and then decided on Pizza?  Then, sat and waited, starving, while a 30-45 minute delivery turns into almost an hour and a half?  You call the place and they just say "sorry, it'll be there shortly."Finally, the food gets there and instead of hot fresh pizza, its cold and not even that good.  That ever happen to you?  And you feel like you just completely wasted .  Thats exactly what happened to me yesterday evening.  I was at work, hungry, took a chance on this place where I had never eaten before, and thats what I get.  The delivery guy was even insulted that I asked why it took almost an hour and a half.Never again.  And I'll definitely share my experience the next time my friends and I are deciding on pizza.  By the way, I ordered through "Slice"  I have a feeling they had a part to play in screwing this up.Let me put it this way... in addition to the bad service and lack of apology/effort to try and make it right, this quality/taste of the pizza doesn't even hold a candle to to other places that are within 2 miles of this place.  What a shame and waste of money.  Complete failure.


David H.

Where can you pick up a combination like chicken wings,pizza, ribs, gyros, and beer in the same place.  Everything you could possibly want or need for the game or a night of friends over that you dont want to cook or clean up after.  The staff is cordial and jovial we had a great time figuring out a custom pie.  The cashier even helped me find the credo fb page so I could get a free pizze through one of their deals.  Whats more they are one of only two places registered in jacksonville nc that gives you cash back (7%) in purchases.  You cant ask for a better deal in town.


Shecole S.

This is the best place to grab quality food that's been hand crafted to perfection. They've got the best wings on top of great southern hospitality.


Stephanie G.

Price is a bust for subpar pizza. Wasn't good at all maybe change the dough to add flavor.


Lexi L.

My husband and I used to love this place. Whenever we wanted to splurge a bit on our pizza night we chose this place. Which makes me sad to say this place really sucks now. The pizza was not fresh. And tasted a bit burnt. Also customer service was pretty bad. When I called the person on the phone wasn't friendly in the slightest. I expect that type of customer service from Dominos. But I hold this place to a higher standard and honestly not impressed. Probably will just go to dominos from here on out. At least the pizza will be fresh and hot.


Jarod L.

Pizza was amazing but I was confused about the sizes and the prices when I ordered other than that really good food highly recommend.


Andria L.

I LOVE Credo's! Every employee treats you kindly & with hospitality. Food gets delivered within a reasonable amount of time and prices are great.They offer vegan cheese, which is the best!


Mia E.

Credo's used to be the go to place for calzone and good garlic bread but this was a disappointment. The calzone was dry and barely had any toppings and the garlic bread was pretty much just toasted bread. Won't be ordering here again


Patricia E.

So disappointed!  Credos used to be our favorite pizza place. Called ahead to cut down the wait time. After paying and ordering our drinks, that came without ice, because they were out, we still waited 30 minutes for our pizza and wings. Half the wings were the wrong flavor and room temperature. Then when asking them to correct the issue we were told they were out of boneless wings, so we took the bone in wings. Then waited an additional 15 minutes for the replacement wings, all while being the only people in the restaurant.My family was really disappointed with the quality of the pizza. Sad to say, credos has really gone down hill not only in quality but also in customer service.


Jo R.

Stoped in on a Sunday afternoon to have some wings and a beer, come to find out they no longer serve beer yet it is on display.  Wings where just average, nothing like they used to be. There where no napkins on any of the tables or on the counter. Wasn't very clean and the floors where slippery. I'm not sure if they have new owners or what but they need to rethink things and go back to the way it was. Extremely disappointed.


Kevin R.

Credo's food and service is amazing. Everytime I'm in North Carolina, I make it a point to eat here. Best place in North Carolina. I recommend it to everyone.


Maria R.

Pizza is usually good, but its literally been 40 minutes of me sitting in the drive thru for an order that I was told would be 10 minutes. No one has even come to the window to let me know how much longer until I get my food and I would leave but I already paid for my food, which was more expensive than it normally is for my usual order. I'm so annoyed and I have to go pick up my husband. This is unacceptable and I'm pissed. Something has to change. Update, my order was all wrong. I'm done with this place.


Megan B.

This was not good at all. My husband and I decided to try their supreme pizza. It was very dry. And we found a roach in the box after we had one slice each.


William C.

Ordered a calzone and hot wings. Food arrived warm, but the calzone was mostly bread and seemed to be missing cheese. The wings didn't have a hot flavor at all, almost like eating plain chicken wings. I probably won't eat there again.


Red L.

Insulted..5 times I have eaten here, each time ordering something different from the menu, and then being entirely disappointed with it..at this point I have no choice but to leave a substandard review..the breaded chicken sandwich was false hopes, it was 4 oddly shaped and over cooked chicken nuggets on a stale hamburger bun with a side of wedges.  This impressive insult also costs 2$ more than what a 5 piece boneless wing and side of wedges would normally cost on the menu.  Not only did I get screwed  on the price, but on the illusion of actually getting a chicken samich that might slightly reassemble the imagine advertised on the menu. Also, Credo's please clean your tables, your patrons don't enjoy sticking to them.

Hand Tossed Pizza fresh toppings, hand made dough, always.