Easy and delicious pasta salad recipes

It seems to me that one of the best culinary inventions in the world is the pasta salad. It is a delicious food, and is also perfect to let our culinary creativity fly.

A single plate of salad with pasta is enough for a dinner, or even for lunch.

key is in the ingredients you use and in which you do not serve a ton.

Pasta salads are perfect for many reasons:

  • They are very easy to make li>
  • They feed a lot, they are a complete meal
  • They are healthy (if you do not go crazy, of course)
  • You can eat cold
  • There are a thousand ways of doing them, you can be very creative with them.

That's why I think learning to prepare a couple of pasta salads and incorporate them into our diet is a good idea.

cold pasta salad

pasta salad recipes

A Below I show you several ways to prepare salad with pasta.

Pasta salad with chicken: Una d e the most classic, you can do it by taking leftovers from other chicken recipes made previously.

Pasta salad with tuna : This is also popular. Very easy to prepare. Ideal for dieters.

Pasta with egg salad: Generally this recipe includes egg and tuna. You can dispense with the second if you wish. Proteins and carbohydrates for your body, good!

Pasta salad with lettuce, ham and eggs: Another delicious recipe that you can make at home and that will feed you with wonders.

Pasta salad with salmon: One of my favorites, of course, because it has salmon 🙂

Pasta salad with avocado: strong> That this mixture does not sound strange to you! I invite you to try this delicious cold salad with avocado. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Salad with prawns and pasta: This one could not miss. The prawns are wonderful so do not hesitate a second to try this recipe.

Cold pasta salad with vegetables: A very healthy and delicious meal that you can adapt to your taste.

Pasta salad with cod: You'll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare this recipe. You only need pasta, cod, capers, alioli sauce and a little olive oil.

Pasta salad with goat cheese: Easy and delicious. Prepare it with fresh goat cheese preferably, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.

Pasta salad with apple and goat cheese: If the previous recipe seemed like delicious, with this you will hallucinate. I will not say more, try it and you will see.

Pasta salad with pears and blue cheese: Another one of those wonderful combinations that result in an incredible recipe.

Pasta salad with dried tomatoes and feta cheese: It also includes olives, arugula, pecorino cheese and garlic. It's very easy to make.

Pasta salad with eggplant: This is where fans of aubergine recipes go crazy. You have to try it!

Pasta salad: We already know that whole wheat pasta is healthier than traditional pasta. Try this homemade salad made with whole wheat pasta, tuna, avocado, tomato and corn

salad whole wheat pasta with turkey. This recipe is Greek-inspired, including feta cheese and yogurt . Easy and nutritious.

Wholegrain pasta salad with nuts: This preparation includes quail eggs, which if you want, you can change it for chicken eggs.I recommend you try it.

 cold pasta salad
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Cold pasta salad recipe

Learn how to make a rich cold pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green leaves (whatever you want) and an incredible vinaigrette.Add salt to taste and let sit a few minutes in the fridge or at room temperature.
  • Ready. You already have a delicious cold pasta homemade salad.
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