Easy white bean salad

The white bean salad or white bean salad , fits perfectly among the fully vegetarian dishes that are becoming more fashionable.

Personally, I am not a great lover of vegetarian food, but I accept that there are very good options without meat, that fall well for health, and that when it is very hot, there are times that even by mistake the stomach accepts a piece of meat.

It must be why I have been studying this type of cuisine over time and I have been learning new dishes. The white beans in salad take a privileged place, and really they are very good as an entrance for any type of menu.

There are several options to make this recipe: start the process with white beans and cook them, or make salad of white beans of boat . Of course, when all the ingredients are fresh, this is a note in the result, but in either case the salad looks good.

white bean salad

Preparing the white bean salad

 white bean salad
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White bean salad step by step

Delicious and easy salad with white beans It can be done in a few minutes.Take the measure of 400 grams after they are cooked. If you have canned beans, drain directly and pour into a bowl.
  • Wash and cut into pieces the onion, peppers, apple, tomato and cucumber. Add to the bowl.
  • Cut the avocado into cubes. Wash and separate the leaves of the parsley bouquet. Reserve.
  • Add the vinegar, the pinch of salt and the oil. Mix all the ingredients, being careful not to pressure to avoid losing the texture of the vegetables and beans.
  • Finally, garnish with avocado cubes and parsley leaves. If desired, you can add a little more salt, vinegar and oil to sprinkle the ornament.
  • Ready, you already have a cold salad with white beans delicious and easy in a few minutes.

    A couple of important notes

    • If not You want to serve the salad at the moment, you can refrigerate it, but be sure to store the parsley and avocado, and just chop them and incorporate them just before serving. This will prevent the avocado from blackening and the parsley from wilting.
    • For a non-vegetarian version of the white bean salad, you can add a tin of canned tuna. If the tuna already contains oil, it is not necessary to incorporate more of this ingredient into the mixture.

    Other recipes for salads with white beans

    Beans or white beans are perfect to be creative, here are other delicious recipes you can use to make incredible salads:

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    Other recipes that I recommend:

    • Caprese salad: one of the most emblematic salad that exists in the world cuisine. Easy to make!
    • Mushroom cream: A delicious homemade dish that will make you happy from the first moment when its aroma enters your nose 🙂